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Empowering the next generation of learners

Hybrid learning presents a slew of unique challenges for educators in the new normal. Lenovo’s suite of end-to-end education solutions equip teachers and learners with the right classroom technology to reap the full benefits of remote learning:

Inspire learning by customizing your curriculum, your way

Enable students to communicate and collaborate in real-time

Assistive technologies to optimize learning for students with different needs and styles

Stay on top of students’ progresses with real-time analytics

As learning goes hybrid, Lenovo and Microsoft have teamed up to design innovative solutions for the smart classroom to help you take the best of both worlds into the future of education.

Empower your students to be future-ready with Lenovo BYOD

Prepare them for tomorrow’s opportunities with our three different Lenovo BYOD packages to cater to the unique needs of students, featuring

  • Innovative devices powered by Windows 11 SE
  • Powerful tools for Smarter learning
  • Services that create a safe and conducive digital classroom

Unlock limitless learning with CSP M365 Education

Take control of your hybrid classroom even more effectively with solution kits crafted for use with Microsoft Teams Rooms collaboration tools:

  • Increase engagement and collaboration in the digital classroom
  • Personalize learning with tailored lessons
  • Built-in accessibility tools to make learning more inclusive

Bring your classroom to life online with Distance Learning solutions

Transform the way you teach with best-in-class devices and solutions from Lenovo:

  • Powerful remote learning devices and content
  • Software to help you manage live class sessions effectively
  • Built-in protection to safeguard students and their data
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Engineer a productive and secure Smart classroom of the digital age

Smarter endpoint management is made easy with FileWave, offering a one-stop solution to securing your IT environment for safer hybrid learning.

  • Single point management
  • Secure, flexible, intuitive
  • Part of Lenovo Services

Empowering teachers to connect with students to create more meaningful online experiences as learning goes digital.

  • Increase student engagement and collaboration
  • Protect and monitor student safety
  • Simplify IT administration

Predict and prevent attacks on learning devices with this AI-powered endpoint protection platform.

  • Respond to threats without impacting device performance
  • Protect users, data and endpoints
  • Mitigate security risks in real-time

Safeguards the entire lifecycle of devices with protections for holistic and comprehensive security coverage.

  • End-to-end data encryption
  • 8 modes of secure and frictionless authentication
  • Cloud-based, autonomous antivirus protection

Power up hybrid learning with flexible learning devices powered by Windows 11 SE for Education

Lenovo 100w

Keep students on task with this educational laptop packed with AMD 3015e mobile processors and designed to deliver an interactive learning experience.

Lenovo 300w

Boost online learning productivity with this 2-in-1 laptop built for the future of education, complete with a 360-degree hinge and touchscreen with Pencil Touch technology.

Lenovo 500w

Unlock immersive learning with this 2-in-1 laptop that scores high in connectivity and performance, with Microsoft Teams integration that keeps teachers and students communicating in more meaningful ways.

Ready to unlock the full potential of hybrid learning?

Speak to us today to find out how Lenovo EdVision’s Smarter education solutions can empower students in the new era of online learning.

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