Reimagine teaching and learning in the new world with Lenovo’s education solutions

In the new normal, educators are implementing distance learning programs, as well as hybrid learning models that combine both distance and in-classroom learning. This goes beyond simply moving lessons online.

To fully reap the benefits of remote learning, schools require education-ready devices, secure platforms, and compelling and effective digital content to engage learners and help them discover joy beyond the classroom walls.

To help students and educators transition between classroom and remote learning, Lenovo partners with Microsoft and Google to design a wide range of end-to-end solutions to drive next level transformation in education. From purpose-built devices, collaboration solutions, and engaging content for education, Lenovo is committed to providing teachers and students with the tools they need for the expanding digital learning ecosystems.

Engineer your Smart classroom, your way: Small Medium Large Classroom Setup

Lenovo Hybrid Classroom with Microsoft Teams Rooms helps you create an immersive, flexible learning environment for classes of all sizes. The setup allows students and teachers to easily connect, share, and collaborate seamlessly and securely from wherever learning takes place.

With three different room sizes, this setup involves up to three media devices to make teaching more efficient than ever. These easy-to-use devices are scalable for all room sizes and can easily project multiple displays onto different screens through integrated touch controls.

ThinkSmart Bar raises the bar on effective communication with its outstanding sound quality and integrated digital signal processing (DSP) noise cancellation. Whether paired with a computer or used alone, the ThinkSmart Bar transforms smart classrooms into productive and engaging spaces where ideas can be fully expressed and explored.

Lenovo offers multiple options to support your unique e-learning needs. Here’s how you can customize the setup so that you can make the most out of it.

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Interactive remote teaching: Professional Trainer Setup

Created specially for teachers, trainers, and even managers, this setup combines technology with classroom equipment to recreate the seamless experience of a physical classroom.

By using a notebook, monitor, webcam, and a whiteboard with a dedicated content camera, teachers may more smoothly present ideas live to their students – just as they did in in-person lessons. Microsoft Teams Rooms also allow for the user-friendly collaborative features on the Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub, which  helps teachers and students connect, share, and collaborate seamlessly and securely, wherever learning takes place. Features such as the one-touch meeting start lets teachers quickly initiate video calls and share content. Built on the popular Microsoft Teams Rooms platform and Zoom Rooms, it features a 10.1-inch touchscreen, innovative integrated security and manageability solutions from Lenovo.

Integrate the online and offline classrooms with ease: Moveable Training Kit

This setup was developed to meet the needs of teachers who need to constantly move from one room to another when teaching online. It comprises tech equipment such as the ThinkSmart Cam, monitor and the Microsoft Teams Rooms control console mounted on a wheeled stand. A separate wheeled stand is dedicated to a physical whiteboard or TV to enable mobility and more comfortable teaching.

With the ThinkSmart Cam, teachers and learners can be fully engaged and collaborative regardless of where they are located. Powered by artificial intelligence, it packs features such as active speaker tracking and whiteboard awareness. This enables it to follow the conversation and facilitate interactivity for more engaging lessons

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An out-of-the-box modern classroom experience: Google Meet Series One Room Kits

Distance learning isn’t just about hopping onto the same video conference. The Google Meet Series One Room Kits from Lenovo are packed with features that are ready out of the box to help foster inclusivity and enhance modern classroom collaboration. The user-friendly interface of the Series One room kits makes it easy to engage and share content. It uses the latest in artificial intelligence to deliver enhanced audio and video clarity that makes everyone feel like they’re in the same classroom space, wherever learning takes place for each individual. TrueVoice™ noise cancellation technology scrubs audio to ensure ultra-clear communication, while the 4K-capable cameras deliver smoother pan/zoom movements.

There are three purpose-built options – small, medium, or large rooms – depending on your needs. Each kit includes a compute system with custom mounting options, plus a combination of up to six other components – which vary by room size. Components include a smart camera or smart camera XL, a remote control or touch controller, up to two mic pods, and a smart audio bar (plus an add-on audio bar in the large room kit).

Discover how Lenovo EdVision can help you get the most out of your distance learning with innovative, end-to-end solutions.

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